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Some Ways to Overcome Pain Maternity Time

Childbirth is a series of events that take place step by step. Starting with contractions, bleeding, followed by rupture of the membranes and ends with the birth of a baby who just months or nearly enough months accompanied by expulsion of the placenta (afterbirth) and fetal membranes from the mother's abdomen.

In the stages of labor, contractions are the earliest signs that suggest labor will soon arrive. This contraction starts from the top of the uterus, which leads to the birth canal. Conditions of contraction will be longer and stronger and will become shorter distance between the contraction with another contraction.

As these signs is the discharge mixed with blood coming out of the birth canal. Which this condition is accompanied by pain that lasts long enough until the time of delivery to arrive.

Most pregnant women who will soon give birth to a few of them there are able to withstand the pain until the opening of the birth canal is wide enough. However unisex pregnant women who can not stand the pain that caused even when the opening of the birth canal has not yet appeared.

So Why Maternity Pain Can Occur?
Pain during childbirth can be driven by a few number of factors such as:
Stretched the birth canal, vagina neck and soft tissue are around.

Movement uterine contractions that cause uterine wall muscles become constricted, so that the onset of pain can not be avoided. The contractionary muscles of the uterus caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Psychological state of the mother who constantly anxious, fearful and tense in response to stress can lead to increased pain.

Well, to overcome us consider the following:

Mother compresses the lower back using lukewarm water between contractions. Which of these actions aimed to widen and accelerate blood circulation, so that the pain can be reduced.

Try to divert attention so that she does not focus on the pain that felt like singing or talking when pain arises.

Dispose little water as often as possible. Only this must be balanced with fluid intake into the body of the mother. Urination can help downs baby's head to the pelvic floor well and keep the rhythm of labor contractions.

Ask family or husband to massage the lower back. Use aromatherapy oils are soft and soothing to massage the lower back as a lubricant. But if you do not get your aromatherapy oils can replace it with a body lotion or lotion mother.

Keep your back straight position, both while standing, sitting or other positions. It aims to keep the baby's head is at the cervix properly so that the contractions that occur more powerful and effective.

Perform settings with good breath. Usually the mother in labor feel panic and difficult to regulate his breathing properly. But you know mother arranged arrangement breath better be able to reduce the pain of the mother feels. For that, try and arrange a faint panic mother breath.

Thus several ways to overcome the pain during childbirth. The pain can be minimized when the delivery would reduce pain and ease the burden of mothers in childbirth.

Hopefully useful and hopefully safely take delivery smoothly.

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