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Alcohol is a trigger Top 7 Types of Cancer

Alcohol is sold freely in locations recreation night and not categorized as illegal products like drugs.

Ironically, research scientists launched in New Zealand indicates that drinks containing alcohol actually several times more harmful effects than some types of drugs that are categorized as low level.

As the page loaded CTC News, Tuesday (01/10/2017), these studies reveal facts related mencengang alcohol and a very strong potential to make the drinker to hit one of the seven types of cancer.

The scientists argue that no matter how many levels of alcoholic beverages consumed by a person, potential cancer is very large with him begins to consume beverages that effect is intoxicating.

"We found strong evidence that specifically indicates the ability of alcoholic drinks trigger outbreak of cancer in a person," said Jennie Connor, a figure who led the study from the University of Otago in the journal Addiction.

Connor explains, there are seven types of cancer that lurks health of a person who never or frequently drink alcohol.

"Among them is liver cancer, colon, rectum, breast, larynx (voice box), orolaring and esophagus (gullet)."

Scientists from the University of otago has done research for a decade which includes a detailed analysis of the alcohol and cancer.

Their research was also supported by a number of important data have the American Institute for Cancer Research and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

"Our finding is surprising, it turns out 5.8 percent of people who died from cancer originated from consumption of alcohol, like any good little much," said Connor.

He continued, "So really there is no safe way to drink alcohol, both in terms of content or kind whatsoever. Type any opportunities evil cancer eating away your body. It would be nice if you setop permanently consuming alcoholic beverages. "


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