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Several Ways First Aid on Food Poisoning

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One of the possible health hazard is food poisoning. Victims of food poisoning should immediately get medical help. On track travelers, the government usually provides health posts that provide 24-hour service to deal with health problems that occur on the travelers.

However, before people with food poisoning were taken to the nearest health facility, there are some first aid we can do:

1. If the patient is a lot of food poisoning vomiting and diarrhea, give sufficient replacement fluids such as water, oral rehydration salts or mixtures of water-sugar 2 teaspoons salt ½ teaspoon or coconut water to replace the fluids and electrolytes lost body.
2. Give tablet activated carbon to absorb toxins in the digestive tract are taken with water.
3. If there are no tablets of activated carbon, can consume milk to bind toxins in the digestive tract and stimulate the patient to vomit so that the toxins out and do not circulate in the body. However, if the patient has diarrhea, should not be given milk.
4. If the patient is about to vomit food poisoning, induce vomiting in patients with head down so that the liquid state of vomit does not enter into the respiratory tract.
5. In children, should be immediately taken to the nearest health facility to get help immediately.

To prevent food poisoning, make sure you always wash your hands before eating, pay attention to the cleanliness of utensils and attention to cleanliness and freshness of the food you eat.

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