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Sex Position - 26 Best Way Complete Guides

26 Best Sex Position - Complete Guides

In dealing with a partner , may sometimes appear saturated feelings to yourself or your partner . It is necessary for intermezzo or refresh - refresh , which among others through sexual position . Companion Sex positions that tend to be dynamic as taught in kamasutra , will again aroused the love between you and your partner .

Here are three tips complete 26 best positions in sex :

1 . Missionary . This position is the standard position of lovemaking . Lying between the legs , so you lie on it and face to face . Although your body weight is concentrated on the elbow or hand , try to include Mr . P you straight up to him, so it is parallel with the wall of the vagina . Ask him to wrap his legs around your waist to change the shape of the vagina , which will change the sexual sensation for both of you .
Tip : Highly recommended for those who will have sex for the first time .

2 . Cross Buttocks . In this position , the girl will greatly enjoy it because it stimulates the vaginal walls , something he does not usually feel. Place envied you like the missionary position , but lie across her pelvis , slightly askew , while still supporting your heavy load on the elbow pair girl. If the couple wants a girl eye contact , couples can slightly rotate the guy to use the missionary position .
Tip this position pamper your female partner .

3 . Standing Wheelbarrow . Put Mr . P from the rear , but the lift up to the waist and let your legs flanking waist . Aka you are in a position similar to a cart race ( wheelbarrow race ) . If his arms are tired , settle in at a table or something furnishings were a bit high .
Tip : Could you do when a bed is not available or when you want to do it outside of the bedroom as the kitchen , garage , etc. .

4 . Knees To Chess . ' Get into ' him like you would do in a standard missionary position , but not just spread her legs , lifting her legs and tempatkankan knees on his chest , then his ankle sangkutkan over your shoulder . Pile load your weight on your hands . This will give you a greater possibility for malakukan penetration and stimulate the rear wall of the vagina of your partner .
Tip : This position is most fitting is done once your partner finished the yoga class .

5 . Man on Top , Facing Away . Let her lie down with her ​​legs raised and slightly astride , then baringkanlah yourself between his legs , with the position of your head facing his feet . He will have full access to your bags , buttocks , and anus to add friction and pleasure . You pile the weight on both your elbow , which will give effect to a mild poke back.
Tip : At night when you want a spanking ( spanking ) .

6 . Classic Rear Entry , Kneeling . This position is also called as ' Doggy Style ' . Tempakan yourself so that your knees are right behind him , and put Mr . P upright between his legs or leaning slightly forward also . It is good for penetration because it can touch the G -spot. Add some gestures like squeezing breasts from behind , membeleai hair - so not just have sex as intercourse on pet ( doggy ) .
Tips : suitable for you who want to ' hit ' the spot all the hot point .

7 . Rear Entry , Standing . Standing behind her and hug her waist , try to keep her upper body parallel to the floor . Hold her hip / groin in order to continue to support and enter from the rear . The stand will provide a strong impetus and allows you to sort her clitoris for extra stimulation .
Tips : Suitable for fast sex show ( quicky sex ) , especially for couples who are on the skirt .

8 . Spoon . Often called ' The Classic Sunday Morning Sex Postion ' . Spoon position is very romantic , gentle and would you and your partner closer emotionally . Use the spoon position while you are both are on one side , facing in the same direction . Ask him to roll his hips slightly , so that you can get in through the back .
Tip : This position is used when fitting the He drowsiness

9 . Reverse Missionary . Position of this is identical to the traditional missionary position , but a couple girls who are above you . In addition , she will open her legs so it will be closer to you . Now you are the passive partner , and he propped his weight on his elbows arms . This position gives you greater control ejaklasi and very precise , of course, if it is lighter than you .
Tip : Provide a different sensation as it will let you pair a shy girl taking control initiatives .

10 . Seated Missionary . Sit down between his legs , with knees slightly bent when you hold the legs open to the side . Enable you to get into Ms . V . Shortage will thrust dimpensasi with penetration - penetration directly .
Tip : This position can also be used when your arms are tired sustain your weight on the missionary position .

11 . Seated Rear Entry . When you sit on a chair or the edge of the bed , he squatted up and down upright on Mr . P you . In this position , he controls the movement and penetration , which can be quite 'in' and comfortable for you both . You are free to caress her breasts or stroking his upper body .
Tip : One of the secrets of sex positions outside the bedroom .

12 . Seated Wheelbarrow . This position is similar to the position of Standing Wheelbarrow , unless you sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed . Indeed, your movement is limited , but you have a great penetration and through the back of your partner .
Tip : Can be used while he is wearing her jeans .

13 . Spoon - Facing . This position is a variation of the traditional sponge positions can be assumed a position of transition from man - on-top to the woman - on-top that is not interrupted . From dai , you can simply turn to the parties simultaneously , using weapons carefully to support your upper body . From the missionary position , you simply berbebelok to one side , use the pedestal arm carefully .
Tip : position to give a romantic eye contact

14 . Squatted Kneeling . Sit with your back foot on the pedestal and knees , then she sits in your lap facing you . This position is able to generate the conditions Mr.P You can further stimulate her clitoris .
Tip : He can control the depth of penetration , but you both can enjoy a lot of contact on the skin of your body and your partner .

15 . Astride Woman , Facing Away . She rode astride your body in a kneeling position , but with your feet facing the front ; optionally , he can also hunker down on top of you . The advantage for him is that it can control and deepen penetration . While the benefit to you is that he can stroke your scrotum organs and vice versa you can also sort the buttocks and back .
Tip : In these positions ( backs ) , you can imagine and imagine the He as Scarlett Johansson , Aura artist or anyone you admire , certainly without sepengatahuannya .

16 . Woman astride . Begin this position by the first woman missionary -type - on-top . Then she let her knees until she was in a squatting position , astride your ride and sit on top of your pelvis . You get deeper penetration , the whole scenery of the movement and expression , and can touch her ​​clitoris and breasts play .
Tip : This position can be members of your family the freedom to dominate while providing kenikamatan on you .

17 . Woman on Top , Leaning Back . Of facing woman astride position , she returned with a carefully laid slightly backward until she 's leaning on both his hand between your legs . Although this position limit your boost , this allows you to sort her clitoris for added stimulation . If the lutunya feels pain , he could straighten his knee without stopping to enjoy an ongoing intimate relationship . Try with a slight variation , let He lay back with caution , until he lay . It allows you stroked her breasts and clitoris .
Tips : Giving another option for women to re- dominate

18 . The X Position . Begin when everything is ready (Mr. P has entered into Ms . V ) , with the position you straddle your female partner . Move the hand to the outer side of your body and let him lie in between your legs . Adjust the position that fits you and your partner to the position of each " cut " . Do it slowly , unhurried movements will provide enough stimulation to compensate for the lack of thrust .
Tip : This position would allow the old sex , slow sex can arouse passion .

19 . Cowgirl 's Helper . His position is squatting on top , raising and lowering her tightly . You support it by holding her hips and urged him to meet individual enjoyment . She will appreciate your sexual handed him the remote control . Lasso strap can optionally be used here .
Tip : You are able to explore the wild side .

20 . Pretzel . He lay on your left side . You kneel between his legs he , he flexed his right foot on the right side of your body and rest on his left foot . Using your hands to bring it to you . You can obtain the penetration depth when using the ' doggy style ' , but maintaining eye contact could be made ​​happy .
Tip : The position is suitable for a romantic practiced at night .

21 . Reverse Cowgirl . When he was on top , he would suggest to rotate it so back to you . This makes the G - spot stimulation to her , and the process of change that position will help you last longer . For more sensation , put her feet flat on the floor between you .
Tip : observe how he likes and enjoys the position.

22 . Shoulder Holder . He put both legs in one of your shoulders adjacent to mr . V is . Then he launched his legs down to your chest and the other leg resting on your arm muscles , after it began to shake with the movement of the side or up and down . You have great access to the G - spot . But make sure he's quite flexible before bending .
Tips : Position for women who want to show their versatility

23 . Spiders . Sitting was leaned back with a pedestal on the hand, forearm , or elbow you , then let him approaching of inching towards you , sustain itself in the same way . He will feel a deeper sense , more powerful , more intimate stimulation than missionary position , with little friction . Or you can also Relying passive and let him do the rounds and movements to increase arousal .
Tip : It can take turns to dominate -and resting .

24 . Man Chair . Sitting on the edge on the bed and he sat back to you . If you can devote one or both feet on the ground , you will have a stronger urge to push upward . It is a good position for G-spot stimulation , and it allows him to use his hands to stimulate parts of your penis or your scrotum . On the other hand , he can also propped his feet on the floor for a deeper penetration , and he could get closer to her knees to her chest .
Tip : You can use this position in the trip . Use the wheel chair as a place to make love .

25 . Spork . Starting from the position missionay , then he lay down and relaxed , while waiting your turn. Merebahlah on one side of the current position , so you can penetrate . Use hand to help rotate the waist to make her feel comfortable . You have access to both the G - spot and clitoris , so use your hands wisely .
Tip : This position is suitable for you who are in a state of drowsiness .

26 . Downward Dog . Let him lie down in the face turned down (bed ) / stomach with hips slightly elevated . ( Use a pillow for him much longer . ) Enter mr . P her from behind , you 'll be able to thrust and press harder to reach pleasure zones just behind her vagina .

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